Dear Students,

You have cold-emailed people. You have been introduced. Maybe you work at Morgan Stanley and have reached out to Mark directly (cough). You got a 30 minute coffee or some advice on the phone.

“Why didn’t he get back to me?” you think. “He promised he would fix up my resume”. “He said he would introduce me to someone at his firm”.


Understand that these people have very busy schedules and are giving away from their own work or family time as a favor to you. Of course they will forget. You need to follow up, but gently.

“Dear Mark, Thanks for meeting with me last week. You mentioned you might know someone at Morgan who has a similar background and might be a great mentor for me. Can you please connect us?”

Direct, polite, to the point.

We will be grateful, not angry that you are reminding us.

Along the same lines, if I (or anyone for that matter) has helped you in any way and you were succesful, please LET US KNOW.

I for one pour my heart into you guys with 0 monetary compensation, but it is all worth it when I receive those “Thank You” messages.

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