What is the ScriptUni refund policy?

We offer a full refund for all courses within 7 days of registration (payment) or until your first homework submission, whichever comes first. After this time no refund will be provided.

My payments are not going through. Is there an alternative pay method?

Yes. Some international students have issues using the Authorize.net gateway. If you encounter this issue please contact info@scriptuni.com with email title “Alternative Pay Method”. We will send you a money request through PayPal and setup your ScriptUni account manually.

I would like to enroll in Career Coach. How is this done?

Career Coach is currently being offered one-on-one in-person in NY, NY only. In Q3 2017 we plan on rolling out the official Career Coach content. If you need resume/networking/interviewing assistance then please email Mark@ScriptUni.com to setup individual appointments.

What are the hours for TA support and when can I receive feedback?

ScriptUni hours of operation are Sunday-Friday 8:00AM through 10:00PM. In most cases you should receive an answer to your inquiry within 24 hours of submission, rarely later. Homework submissions can take as long as 48 hours before they are returned.

When and where are certificates mailed to?

We do not ship certificates internationally. Within the US you will receive a physical copy of the certificate. Outside of US/Canada, we will send you a PDF of a signed certificate or ship it to a location in US of your choosing.

Given the high quality printing nature of the certificates print/delivery takes two weeks on average.

Please note: As of October 2017 we no longer offer Distinction on the SQL certificate.

How does course timing work if I purchase a package?

If you purchase the VBA/Python/SQL package you will receive an email from customer support asking you in which order you plan on taking the courses and the course timers will be set respectively. As you finish each course, the timer will begin for the next course you have selected.

When does the semester begin?

There is no set semester; we work around your schedule. If you feel you are prepared to start learning then sign up today!

What is the time period for finishing a single course?

VBA: 60 days from course registration date Python: 60 days from course registration date SQL: 30 days from course registration date

Once this time has passed an extension will be required to receive any additional TA assistance and certification from Baruch MFE.

What is the difference between “Course Instructor” and “Teacher’s Assistant”?

Perhaps the biggest appeal of ScriptUni is the teacher’s assistant (TA) assigned to you at sign up. For the time being, Mark Ross will be the TA for all three courses: VBA/SQL/Python (subject to change after 10/01/2017). This differs from the course instructor who creates the course content.