Forget everything you have learned – performance and knowledge are not what is going to make you stand out above the other undergrad interns.

If you have a friend who is currently an undergrad intern please tag them here; this is something they need to see.

#1. Be Social & Memorable (but not annoyingly so) Want a bold statement? If you say “Good morning Nick” and “Good night John” to every person on your desk every day, you will get a full time offer. I have yet to see this fail. Smile. Be friendly. Always help other INTERNS when possible.

#2. Be Studious Come in 20 minutes late even three times throughout the entire internship? You won’t get an offer. Always in 10 minutes early? You have a solid chance. Dress like you are an MD in sales. Even though everyone else is doing it, NEVER CURSE OR USE OBSCENITIES. Be the model citizen.

#3. Ask Questions (ALWAYS have a pen & paper) > Always carry a P&P wherever you go > If someone spent 30 minutes explaining a concept to you and you still don’t get it, ASK SOMEONE ELSE (but quietly) > Ask a lot. Be curious.

These will prove to the team that you are they type of PERSON they want to hire.

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