“But Mark, stop telling people to lie. They need to be true to who they are!”

No they don’t. No YOU don’t. Are you looking to be honored as the most saintly human or are you looking for a job?

I’m not telling you to lie, but you do need to SELL yourself, and so much of what you have on your resume might just be noise that makes picking you difficult.

Let’s use an example: ME.

I was a school teacher for 8 years before switching over to finance. EIGHT. Do you see this anywhere on my LinkedIn profile? Do you know why I left it out?

Because in finance being my age and not have progressed my career as fast as others might question my capabilities. Also, it will definitely make an employer question: Does he love teaching or finance?

I don’t need to add this layer of complication onto my job search.

So here I am, not a teacher.

Let the fireworks begin :).

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