How many times have you submitted your resume online, only for it to get sucked into the dreaded resume “Black Hole of Doom”?

Introducing.. RESUME PRO

Give your resume the makeover it needs to land your dream job

The Resume Black Hole of Doom

You’ve done it.  I’ve done it. We’ve all done it.

By now, submitting an application online has become a “rite of passage” if you want to land a job.  It’s what everyone does right?

So you try it.

But then.. after a few days of submitting resume after resume online, the only thing you get in return is an automated email saying your application has been submitted.

A week goes by.  Then a month.


Congratulations!  You’ve been ghosted.

You’ve now successfully added your resume to the bottom of the 2 foot pile on some old guy’s desk.  Otherwise known as the Resume Black Hole of Doom.

What recruiters don’t tell you

Did you know that hiring managers at prestigious banks like Goldman Sachs will automatically throw out half the resumes without even looking?

They say you need to have some luck if you want to work at Goldman.  All you have to do is spend a couple hours combing through the job description, tweaking the action verbs on your resume, and writing a 3 paragraph cover letter.

Only for it to get tossed out in the trash without a second thought..

Fast tracking your application

But what if I told you there was another way?

A better way.

Imagine what it would be like if you could fast track the application process, talk to recruiters directly, and secure an interview WITHOUT that feeling of impending uselessness that follows an auto-rejection?

It’s not as hard as you think.  Resume Pro teaches you how to draft an entire resume that speaks to what actually excites you.

You don’t have to suffer the sting of endless rejections, only to land a job you’re just OK with.

Because as important as your previous experiences are, building a winning resume isn’t only about leveraging your past.  It’s about empowering you for your future.

What is Resume Pro?

Resume Pro is a 1-week program where we overhaul your entire resume from top to bottom.

Instead of spending 10 hours making useless tweaks (yes – I’ve actually spent 10 hours editing my resume for a job), you’ll walk away feeling confident that your resume will help you land interviews.

Because it’s not about how much you work on your resume.  It’s how you can make your resume work for you.

Interviews Per Person

Successful Students


Increased Response Rate

What makes Resume Pro different?

Unlock the secrets of resume strategy to land interviews for your dream job.

Resume Layout

Recruiters spend mere seconds on your resume.  We’ll arrange your resume so the most relevant points catch their eye.

Keyword Optimization

Optimize your resume’s keywords so that you get through the dreaded resume “black hole of death”.

Tailored Approach

Most career coaches run your resume through a standard template.  With Resume Pro, you’ll get a tailored resume that is guaranteed to help you land your dream job.

Access to Industry Experts

We have a large network of industry experts who know how the game is played.  Leverage their knowledge for the best resume possible.

Reusable Skills

The average person goes through 12 jobs in 32 years.  Resume Pro teaches you lifelong skills you can use any time you need a new job.

Live Coaching

Unlike any other resume course, you get live screen time with your career coach for the duration of this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program work?

You’ll email your coach your top jobs, employment and school status, and resume, which will be reviewed by your coach.  You’ll then hop on a Zoom call to review your resume together and implement feedback from your coach.  Throughout the program, you’ll continue to make corrections until it’s deemed fit for applications.

Why does this program cost so much?

Resume Pro isn’t like other programs where you email your resume to somebody and they email back a “corrected” version using Wharton’s resume template.  Here, we teach you what hiring managers actually look for, the layouts that fit your experiences, and how to build your resume from the ground up.  These skills stay with you for life so whenever you’re ready to look for the next job, you’ll be able to build your own resume.

Is there a refund policy?

Refunds are eligible until you have had a complete live session with your coach.  That said, we’re confident that you’ll significantly improve your resume during this program, as long as you’re willing to work with your coach and put in the effort required.

Will Resume Pro make me qualified for any job?

Resume Pro helps you craft a resume that’s fit for your ideal job, given your past experiences and skills.  But it’s not a magic pill that’s going to grant you interviews at any firm.  If you are lacking skills needed to land a specific job, you will have to put in the work to learn those skills.  Any coach who tells you otherwise does not have your best interests at heart.

Can I sign up for Resume Pro if I’m not looking for a job in Finance?

Resume Pro is geared towards individuals who are looking for jobs in Finance.  However, many of the skills you learn in Resume Pro will can still be used outside Finance.  If you are primarily looking for positions outside finance, send us an email at and we’ll work with you to determine whether Resume Pro is right for you.

Should I sign up for Resume Pro if I’m not a student?

Resume Pro will help you whether you’re a student or already a working professional.  The average person goes through 12 jobs in a 32 year career.  So if this is your first, second, or even third job, you’re only a quarter of the way through.  The good news is the material we teach in Resume Pro is applicable for life.  Once you have the skills and know how to build your resume the right way, you’ll be able to create your own resume, and apply the same techniques anytime you look for a job.

Hi, I’m Mark Ross,

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Are you ready to launch your career in Finance?

If you’ve made it this far, you know what this program can do for you.  Now, it’s up to you to take advantage of it.

Whether you want to launch your career in Finance, switch jobs, or even just learn how to write a juicy, compelling resume that leaves recruiters and hiring managers chomping at the bit, Resume Pro will do all that..and more.

So if you’re ready to make a change, you know what you need to do.

I hope to see you on the other side.