Elan G., Finance

Incredibly good responsive UI and provides pleasant experience. Courses are grouped properly and easy to find. Lectures are of very high-quality video. Very good e-learning platform which provides classroom like experience.

Alberto G., Business Analyst at Major Consulting Firm

The course is very well thought out, with the right amount of theoretical explanation and practical examples. Homeworks are very focused on the material and difficult enough to stress the knowledge you have just acquired. In addition, Mark is extremely precise and...

Atul T., Associate at Major Investment Bank

Generally Finance course are designed by people who have never worked in the field, Script Uni has understood the gap and made the courses specifically tailored for finance professionals. I was fortunate enough to beta test the Advance SQL course, and the knowledge...

Joshua L., Senior Analyst at Major Consulting Firm

I don’t have previous coding experience but this class was a great introduction in understanding the logic behind coding. I’ve tried other SQL classes but the poor production values and lack of ramp up turned me off from continuing with them.

Yael J., Product Manager at Real Estate Firm

ScriptUni’s Advanced SQL course helped me jumpstart my SQL learning by providing a strong understanding of the foundations of SQL. Within weeks, I was using my SQL skills and knowledge at work and running queries (which my coworker, who is a software engineer,...